Evergreen Physiotherapy & Wellness

A quiet clinic provides the environment for a detailed and thorough assessment (including the use of a Real Time Ultra Sound to determine core muscle dysfunction) and treatment. Manual therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, client education and personalized exercise prescription are common methods of treatment we employ.

At Evergreen Physiotherapy & Wellness we employ a variety of ‘listening’ techniques and skills to interpret the messages given out by your body that, when coupled with our experience in manual therapy assessment, enable us to develop a programme of treatment and exercise to meet your individual needs. Through our holistic approach we positively assist the body on its journey through healing to pain free movement, putting you in a position to move forward with your developing life-style.

Karen “Kar” Morgan

Evergreen Physiotherapy and Wellness is owned and operated by Karen “Kar” Morgan.

Kar Morgan first came to the Sea to Sky Corridor in 1999 following her love for the mountains and to pursue her passion for whitewater kayaking, canoeing, raft guiding, mountain biking and snowboarding.

Kar is a Registered Physiotherapist with specific training in the management and treatment of Pelvic Floor dysfunction in men and women and perineal health. She has, however, wide experience and a special interest in the treatment of Sports Injuries, Orthopaedics, and post-operative rehabilitation. Kar earned her Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy in 2005 and her Bachelor of Arts in Sport and Human Movement Studies in 1999.

Since her graduation from Cardiff University, U.K., Kar has worked entirely in private practice, focusing on Sport and Orthopaedic injuries and rehabilitation and Women’s Perinatal Health and rehabilitation.

She has wide experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of all manner of injuries caused by sport, recreational, motor vehicle and industrial incidents as well as the treatment of surgical and medical conditions. Her clinical approach has been enhanced through personal experience with her own injuries pre and postpartum and in the understanding of the need to return to a full active lifestyle, as soon as practicable.

With a commitment to expanding her holistic approach, knowledge and clinical skills Kar is currently working towards her Advanced Certificate in Manual and Manipulative Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Acupuncture. She continues to further her training in Pelvic Floor Health and Visceral Manipulation.

As a member of an active family in Squamish and a Mom of a busy four year old, she has a fresh understanding of the necessity and importance of restoring pelvic floor health, postpartum in order to facilitate a return to a healthy, active lifestyle.